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Food waste contributes to green-house gases

Wasting food has the obvious consequence of waste of money and waste of food. But what is less obvious is that it also contributes towards green house gas emissions. The production of food, especially in western countries, contributes to a significant amount of CO2 in the air.

Here is a blog post on waste of food/grocery shopping: http://blog.heaps.co.nz/how-to/budget-how-to/buying-in-bulk/

When people throw out between 20%-40% of their food (figures are typical of western countries) there is all that extra CO2 in the air that really does not need to be there. » Read more

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Waiheke Waste and Recycle - a fight we should not loose!

When it comes to the topic of the environment, sustainability and “green” issues in general, for many the most palpable connection to all this will be the green recycle bin at the back door. That’s where personal “environmentally friendly practices” began some twenty or so years ago. Now we are all seemingly used to the fact that some items in our waste have a value and can and should be put to some form of further use rather than ending up in landfills. » Read more

Video of Waiheke's protest against losing its recyclables

A Video message to Auckland Councillors

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