Resilience by Design: Ecological Footprinting For Resilient Regional Planning

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Victoria University of Wellington, Te Aro Campus

Dirt Doctor seminars in November (Wellington)

Dirt Doctor is holding a 5 part seminar series in November! (Wellington)

Our soil focused methods teach you to grow the soil that grows your garden from scratch!  These bio-intensive techniques can be applied to any soil to create a sustainable, productive and resillient garden.  Feed a family of four on just 30 minutes of work a week!

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Dirt Doctor seminar series!





Location / Venue: 
Melrose, Wellington

Advanced Soil Biology and Microorganism Workshop!

Advanced Soil Biology and Microorganism Technology Workshop!!! Discover the microorganism technologies in compost tea and mulching.  Learn the benefits of a healthy soil food-web and how to create one in your garden. » Read more

Location / Venue: 
Mt. Victoria, Wellington

Weed Management Workshop!

Weed Management Workshop!! Learn to make the most of your weeds, and know how they can be used to benefit your garden.  Learn when to weed, how to weed and why some weeds are important for a healthy garden. » Read more

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Mt. Victoria, Wellington

Dirt Doctor Workshops!

August 7th Urban Composting Workshop Learn how to create a thermal compost that will actively turn your garden waste into the most valuable nutrients for your garden!  We will build a compost from scratch, and discuss methods of worm farming, nitrogen tea, green composting, and how to turn a smelly black compost bin into one that will actually work! » Read more

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Mt. Victoria, Wellington
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Otaki Transition towns finally spawns two groups

Update Nov 21 2009

We have had pot luck dinners every month in 2009 and really got to know one another. Edible garden tours have just started again and we have had no documentary films shown all the year. As a result we may have new members who don't really know our raison d'etre.

I have been putting out a regular newsletter and we now have over 150 on our mailing list. We have quite close contact with TTKapiti, with some of us attending their Seedy Sundays. My newsletters have often included some information on peak oil stories or climate change issues. » Read more

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