Dr Jim Salinger talks about Climate Change

We are welcoming Jim Salinger Phd the eminent climate change scientist to the Peninsula on Thursday the 20th at 7PM at the Grahamstown Community Hall. It will be a great opportunity to hear from the horses mouth scientifically speaking about the climatic changes that are occuring on our planet.

We are going to provide soup and if anyone is able to help prepare or contribute from your garden to the aforementioned soup,  please contact Rowan on either 0275 303 621 or » Read more

Location / Venue: 
Grahamstown Community Hall, Pollen St, Thames

New website

Transition Town Thames has been active since October 2007 and has hosted a number of local events during this year. We now have our own website: and are actively using the mailing list provided by the national group. Please sign up to or visit the website to keep up to date with activities in Thames.

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THAMES: Commentator Rod Oram - peaks, carbon, happiness, dollars, and unlimited opportunity [almost]

Author, journalist and commentator Rod Oram - well-known as a regular on Radio New Zealand's Nine-to-Noon show, for his weekly column in the Sunday-Star Times newspaper, and his recent book about New Zealand Reinventing Paradise - will speak in Thames at the St James Hall on Friday 25 July at 7pm. A former business editor of the New Zealand Herald, Rod Oram honed his craft during 18 years as editor and journalist based in London and New York for Britain's highly regarded Financial Times. » Read more

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THAMES: Robert Newman's History of Oil - a satirical oil-focussed comedy film

Its funny, its anarchic, its insightful, and its lit by a couple of burly chaps riding bicycles attached to generators. British comedian Robert Newman, once of the equally funny/anarchic etc Mary Whitehouse Experience brings true tales of colonial derring-doo that make you wish they derring didn't. Its at the Grahamstown Hall in Thames, 7.00, sunday 20 July. and theres soup and discussion to follow.


Thames' own website:

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