Community Environment Fund - open for funding applications 18 April - 2 May 2016

Call for applications - Community Environment Fund

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What do global risks mean for NZ’s wellbeing?

‘Wise Response’ is Seeking Your Support for Parliament to Endorse a Risk Assessment for New Zealand Via our Avaaz petition: » Read more

Money and sustainability

Deirdre Kent's offers a succinct summary of why we need a revolution in our money system.

I say the money system is the missing element in sustainability.

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Auckland’s sustainable living festival, EcoDay is on Sunday 28 February from 10am » Read more

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Growth is not possible

It was interesting to read today this article published by BBC News today.

A group of researchers in the UK have challenged the "growth is good" model, warning that business as usual will likely lead to catastrophic and irreversible environmental consequences.

The New Economics Foundation (Nef) said "unprecedented and probably impossible" carbon reductions would be needed to hold temperature rises below 2C (3.6F).  » Read more

Enuf is Enuf - Poison Free NZ

Enuf is Enuf is an awareness raising campaign, to challenge and stop the aerial drops of poison designed to kill native bird predators. Unfortunately the side effects may, as many suspect, be far greater than the cure.

This Sunday afternoon, all across New Zealand people will be coming together to take a stand on this issue. This music video of the Enuf is Enuf song by New Zealand artists, will be screened at the various events. It was launched last night on youtube.

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Happy Planet Index

Here is a link to an interesting blog called Map Scroll.  The focus of the blog is on mapping and cartography.  There are dozens of interesting posts on all kinds of subjects.  The Happy Planet index caught my eye.  Have a look and see how New Zealand fares and whether you agree with the result given.


Real Kiwi environmental efforts on big screen

Mayors, politicians, critics and members of the public are raving about the New Zealand documentary Earth Whisperers Papatuanuku which screens in Matakana tomorrow, Wednesday 17 June. » Read more

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