Community Supported Agriculture

Transition Forest Row recently produced an excellent 20 minute film called ‘Growing food locally’ which looked at local food initiatives in the area.  It focuses on the impact of rising oil prices on food, the community supported agriculture model, allotments, garden share, schools and veg boxes.

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Waiheke Buyers Club & CSA

The crowd is building, down at the buyers club, which has only been open for three weeks now. A simple concept...  get a group of people together, who know each other, and begin buying (in this case organic foods in the form of dry goods and produce), have some people run it like an enterprise (ie markup prices to cover costs), and have people come and buy at set times.

It's working well, and has already become part of our Saturday routine. It's open from 10am-noon Saturday and Wednesday. » Read more

12 Steps to creating a Waiheke CSA

Transition Towns has a 12 step framework, which I have adapted here to see if could be useful as a guide for how we might bring the Waiheke CSA into fully operational existence, and meeting its vision of "Waiheke Well Fed".

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A Back of the Napkin look at CSA

After spending a few weeks working on the plan for the Te Matuku Bay property, and an overview of the Waiheke CSA project, I made a presentation to the Waiheke CSA Trust last week. I used a book called "The Back of a Napkin" to help create pictures to describe the What, How Many, Where, When, How, and Why of this project. Click on any picture to enlarge it. Your comments and feedback are most welcome.


This original vision drawing was done by Meriel, Eleanor and myself in early April.

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Food for Everyone

Yes! magazine active graphic

In the last 12 months attention to localising food has increased so dramatically that it gives me faith we can create new systems to provide for the well being of many people while regenerating the earth after the last 200 years of exponential growth in consumption and extraction. To find out more, follow any of the tags at the top of this post, or click on the graphic above. » Read more

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

Ongoing work is being done on the timelines. There are three, all accessible from the link above. Te Matuku Bay, Big Picture, First Draft.

The plan is available to be collaborated on. It can be viewed here. If you would like to help write the plan, please drop me a note on my page of the Waiheke CSA site. » Read more

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

CSAs come in various flavours but essentially they involve a variety of partnerships between farmers and consumers, in which the consumers buy products directly from the farm, and pay for them in advance. Farmers do their best to produce food in sufficient quantity and quality to meet the consumers needs. Consumers in turn assure the farmers salary and in return receive a regular supply of a variety of fresh vegetables and fruits (in time we plan to include eggs, meats and possibly more). » Read more

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