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Our Green Roadie - documentary about 50 New Zealanders

Here's a great film, about 50 New Zealanders doing great things to build a better world. The story behind the film is a simple but beautiful one, and an inspiration in itself.

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Our Green Roadie is a documentary about 50 New Zealanders sharing their stories about living and working in eco-conscious and economically viable ways. We filmed everyday people from Northland to Southland; individual households to multi-million dollar businesses who have made the choices to be on a ‘greener’ journey. They’re all different, full of heart, encouraging and inspirational.

Our Motivation for wanting to do nationwide screenings:

1/ We believe this is a film every New Zealander should have the opportunity to see. It inspires and encourages change in a way that everyday people appreciate. We think ‘green’ people are good at talking to each other but not really connecting with everyday people.

We want to help change that and dispel myths and engage the public.

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Friends of Transition Towns Trust

Here is the outline as it has evolved from this dialogue. This has now been passed to Julie in Hawkes Bay to work into a Charitable Trust.

We are proposing a "Friends of Transition Towns Trust". This trust will not claim to represent Transition Towns, but be in support of the Transition work being undertaken all across the country.

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