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Below is a short email conversation that I had today, which provides a good starting point.

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Wishing to support Transition Towns in Aotearoa

Wanting to invest in the future?

Who should you contact?

Transition Towns Aotearoa is a self-organising, self-funded network of self-responsible citizens. There is no central organisation which directs the activities of the network, and no bank account into which funds can be deposited for dispersment. Transition Towns in New Zealand has built it's work around this website, which has enabled people to tell their stories, share ideas, organise and inform one another. » Read more

NZTT Service Centre Trust

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This is a description of the roles of the service organisation, and how it would fulfill them. » Read more

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Background to Transition Towns

What are Transition Town initiatives?

Scalable microcosms of hope." - Jeremy Leggett

Transition Initiatives are based on four key assumptions: » Read more

Notes from skype call - 7/07/2008

Transition Towns – National Group Conversation 2

Andy Kenworthy | Version 1 | 7/07/2008


James gives welcome- is still finding NZ Transition initiatives which he was not aware of.

Bay of Islands towns are interested following a meeting. This was also referenced on Radio NZ audiofile.

The Radio piece talks about difficulties in the far north and intercuts with the TT meeting up there. Really mainstreaming now.

Met with Sue Kedgely Green food spokeswoman is talking Transition Towns. » Read more

Peak Oil

Transition Towns were conceived in response to the twin challenges of peak oil and climate change. Whilst most people have heard a lot about climate change (and you can read more here), the concept of peak oil is less commonly known. Maybe this is because of its name - the term "oil" does not tend to invoke immediate interest from a lot of the classic "environmentalists" - and economists are less inclined to talk about limits - so who really cares?? » Read more

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