12 Key Steps to embarking on your transition journey

#1. Set up a steering group and design its demise from the outset
This stage puts a core team in place to drive the project forward during the initial phases.

#2. Awareness raising
Build crucial networks and prepare the community in general for the launch of your Transition initiative.

#3. Lay the foundations
This stage is about networking with existing groups and activists. » Read more



Discussion about how to interact with the media

Web site videos

These are intended to be viewed in order from first to last, but feel free to skip ahead if you're technically savvy

Quick introduction for editors

Editing a page

Linking between pages
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Rob Hopkins interview

Brian Crump interviewing Rob Hopkins about Transition Towns, on “Nights”, National radio, Thursday, 10th April, 2008.

Brian Crump Rob Hopkins is an environmentalist who is based in the Devon town of Totnes in SW England. The idea is to make Totnes a town that could withstand major changes in the global economy, such as the world running low on crude oil. I spoke to Rob a few days ago and began by asking him, “What needs changing?” » Read more


Conversations take place between people, and in the course of them it become clear that someone has something of value to offer. Here is a place to record these.

Information release for local newspaper and email distribution

Embracing Sustainability in Upper Hutt

You have undoubtedly noticed that the price of petrol has risen over recent years and is likely to go higher. The rising price is a symptom of the world being at the peak of oil production and the continuing increase in demand. » Read more

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