Flyer advertising a public meeting - distributed as A4 or A5 documents

Public Meeting

Embracing Sustainability in Upper Hutt

Oil production is at a peak but demand is growing
We need to make the transition to a life with less oil and diminished availability of transport and transported food
We can prepare or we can pretend it isn’t happening
What will You do? » Read more

Fliers and other documents

Starting an email group

A number of towns are starting their own email groups, and this makes good sense as there will be lots of email traffic that is irrelevant to others across the country. While there are a number of different ways to do this, if you want to start one and are unsure how, follow these steps: » Read more

Local currencies

Living Economies

Living Economies, a New Zealand Trust established in 2002, promotes and supports the implementation of local currency systems, which are an integral part of Transition Towns plans.

At the Living Economies website www.le.org.nz there’s a wealth of articles and information about local currencies. The site also has more that 360 links to sites related to currencies and sustainability issues. » Read more

Online Video

Along with the following links to external videos,
here is our own online Transition TV Channel - Check it out.

If you upload a video to this site and apply the tag "Video" it will appear in the Transition TV Channel. » Read more

Print Matter Lending Library

The Environment Centre Hawke's Bay has paper copies of the following to lend: » Read more

Lending library

Please add to this list if you have films you are happy to share, and let people know where you are living.

Patrick (patrickmorgan1 #at# gmail.com) in Wellington South has: » Read more

Film list from the Transition Town primer

Films – Peak Oil, Climate Change, economics, possible solutions

With all of these films, it's important to create a bit of an event, rather than just a screening. This isn't too hard – here's the recipe: » Read more

Community Supported Agriculture

What is it?

A partnership between farmers and consumers where the responsibilities and rewards of farming are shared. Consumer members commit in advance, to buying their food directly from the CSA farm, in return they have the opportunity to influence the running of the CSA. Taking responsibility for how our food is produced and by whom. Direct relationship between the farmer who grows the food and the consumer who eats that food. » Read more


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