Tumeke Cycle Space community DIY bike workshop

Hi, this is to promote a new and exciting project in Auckland. Since the new year a community run, DIY bike workshop has been happening EVERY Sunday and we welcome one and all to come ultilise the space.

Tumeke Cycle Space : promoting cycling and DIY culture in Tamaki Makaurau » Read more

“Awakening the Transition” a deepening weekend with Molly Brown

Here's an opportunity that may not come along again soon.

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Directions to Wellpark Retreat Centre
For more info on Molly Brown and Joanna Macy's work
you may like to check these links: .

A new farming paradigm - Terraquaculture

Professor Haikai Tane and Kama Burwell will present Terraquaculture Training - a 4 day workshop from 6-10 April 2011.

They aim to train a new generation of farmers who will transform Aotearoa NZ's pastoral landscapes into highly productive, regenerative, healthy landscapes.

Terraquaculture is the traditional farming system of the Pacific-Asia region - farming the living water that flows through the landscape. » Read more

Earth Plastering Workshop

Earth Plastering Workshop

24th - 26th September 2010

Whaingaroa, Raglan

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Looking at the challenges, square in the eye

My heart sang last night, to see members of my community look at the challenges of the future, square in the eye, and then with energy and creativity name some creative, and do-able solutions. Here's a six minute video I put together summarizing the evenings activities.

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Workshop: URBAN SELF-SUFFICIENCY Eating and Living the Sustainable Way

This Workshop will be presented by Jules Dervaes. Since 2001, Jules Dervaes and his family have been living a protest—Path to Freedom—against corporate control of the food supply. They now grow over 2.7 tonnes of organic produce annually on a one-fifth acre residential lot in Pasadena, California (1/10 acre garden). Their project incorporates alternative energy, transportation, and back-to-basics practices. In a talk illustrated with stunning photos of his Southern California urban homestead, Mr. » Read more

Earthbag Building in Raglan

getting there

We have bee working in the last 3 weeks to create a beautiful earth dome at Solscpae in Raglan. We have been held up by lots of rain. This kind of building is great as it is not expensive but it is durable and can be built by any group of people who take the time and care to work together.


The New Economy Starts Here

For truly smart money see – a real life example extracted from Yes! magazine. The latest issue includes 35 pages titled 'The New Economy Starts Here - why this crisis may be our best chance'. It includes articles by David Korten, Vandana Shiva, Wendell Berry, James Robertson,..... covering local currency, co-ops, community banks, local investment ..... » Read more

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