Transitioning to sustainable and regenerative food production

Enormous opportunities are opening up as we transition from an unsustainable industrial food production and distribution model, to one that regenerates the very soil and land that supports life.

Thankfully and not before time, this topic is receiving increasing amounts of attention.

A rising chorus is now coming from UN agencies on how food security, poverty, gender inequality and climate change can all be addressed by a radical transformation of our agriculture and food system.

Here in New Zealand we’re playing our part.

Food Forest Design course

The application window is still open for the first intake of the Food Forest Design course. On Feb 17th the fun begins when a small group of keen learners meet at Koanga Gardens in Hawkes Bay with James Samuel, Jon Foote and Kay Baxter, to begin the first block course of the inaugural Food Forest Design course.

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Are we being too soft?

By Natalie Hormann
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Cultivating Ecoliteracy through Permaculture

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The Edible Schoolyard Book

At a time when our Enviro Schools programe is being challenged by funding cuts, here is some inspiration to show what is possible. Do we need funding to do this, or can we self-organise and bring this sort of wisdom to our local schools, ourselves?

This video was created by Mario de La Vega to promote the Edible Schoolyard book, which chronicles the integration of academics with growing, cooking, and sharing wholesome, delicious food over the last 13 years. With inspiring images of the garden and kitchen—and their young caretakers—Edible Schoolyard is at once a visionary model for sustainable farming and childhood nutrition, and a call to action for schools across the country. Learn more >

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