Love in a small town

The true heart of a community is its people - Go Lyttelton - you are a total inspiration!

Love in a Little Town from James Muir on Vimeo.

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Help support Lyttelton community-led earthquake response

Help Lyttelton community rebuild from the grassroots up! Project Lyttelton and the Time Bank are leading an innovative, heart based community response to the earthquake. » Read more

Supermarkets are not resilient systems

It's not a new idea, but in the current circumstances it becomes more clear, that our industrialised, centralised, corporate food systems, do not represent a resilient system.

No doubt, they have done a remarkable job of facilitating bulk food to us for a few decades, however I can't imagine too many cabbages or lettuces fell over or went down cracks in the ground, so the food supply itself must surely still be there.

What this sign is pointing to I think (and I'm open to other views), is the vulnerability of a system where we take ourselves to central distribution points (big box stores), to get our daily bread, and fruit and veges and milk...

I saw this happen on Waiheke about a year ago, when the Supermarket was damaged by fire and closed for a few days.

It was a great opportunity to see where else we could buy or find food, and it highlighted our heavy dependence on a single system.

It's time to rebuild, but this time let's build it differently.

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Grassroots Aid for Earthquake Struck Communities

He mihi nui ki a koutou

He mihi aroha hoki ki nga tangata katoa e noho ana ii Ootautahi. » Read more

Good, resilience building news, from Chile

This just came in from Grifen Hope in Chile. Grifen is a permaculturalist and visionary who has been living there for quite a number of years now. The response to the situation there is exemplary and an inspiration for all of us as we prepare for uncertain futures. There are lots of practical things that are being requested here, and you just may find one of them fits with your knowledge base, contacts or resources. Please read on...

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