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Election 2011 Two-facedness - Saving money good - saving fuel bad

All of the political parties agree New Zealand needs a long-term savings and investment plan . These elections there have been major policy announcements on Kiwisaver, reducing debt and the age of eligibility for National Superannuation. Saving money good. » Read more

Officials Muzzled on Peak Oil?

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The government has finally released its Energy Strategy. There are cosmetic changes from the Draft version but it's no surprise that the final Strategy continues to completely ignore the threat of peak oil.  There were many submissions, including my own, which detailed the raft of recent reports from oil and energy experts, think tanks and government institutions which are all pointing to an imminent supply and oil price crunch. And in 2009 government officials themselves gave strong warnings to Ministers. So since 2009, have the officials been muzzled? » Read more

Oil Royalties a Mirage?

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Beside the release of the government's final Energy Strategy was a report from Woodward Partners purporting to estimate the potential royalty income from existing, and yet to be discovered oilfields. » Read more

New Zealand's oil security. How dependent are we on oil imports?

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New Zealand imports 97% of its oil. Oil is the lifeblood of our economy. So a vital question must be -- how vulnerable is New Zealand to oil supply shocks? -- Whether from short term disruption, or due to an on-going and perhaps permanent decline in world oil exports? » Read more

UK Government to Develop Oil Shock Response Plan. - When Will NZ ?

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UK Energy and Climate Change Secretary Chris Huhne has agreed to develop an 'Oil Shock Response Plan', following a meeting with the UK Industry Taskforce on Peak Oil and Energy Security (ITPOES). » Read more

Government's Energy Strategy - Grade F for Fail

The government has mistakenly released its Draft Energy Strategy, which is still to be signed off by Cabinet. Despite hundreds of public submissions it remains almost word for word identical with the version published in July 2010. » Read more

NZ Draft Energy Strategy - a charade

I read the governments Draft Energy Strategy  and discovered that apart from a bland statement that oil prices will rise and be volatile, it fails to identify the risks to New Zealand's energy security. There is no discussion in the DES about the threats to New Zealand of oil scarcity arising from global oil depletion and no analysis of the potentially devastating impacts on the New Zealand economy from scarcity and/or higher oil prices. Nor does it discuss how soon these threats might arise. For example could they occur within one year, five years, 10 years, or longer? » Read more

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New research shows 7 out of 10 Kiwis want NZ Govt to prepare for Peak Oil

WWF NZ has commissioned a couple of opinion polls on the government's response (or
lack of it) to projected oil price increases. Here are the press releases they issued about the results. Both are well worth checking out. » Read more

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