Submission on the Draft Otago Regional Land Transport Programme‭ ‬2012-15

I am a Dunedin resident,‭ ‬I usually live on Quarantine Island but also own a house in North East Valley and spend some time there.‭  ‬Personally I use a variety of transport modes,‭ ‬often‭  ‬cycling in town and North East Valley,‭ ‬and on the lower road from Portobello to Dunedin,‭ ‬or on SH88‭ ‬from Port Chalmers to Dunedin.‭  ‬I‭  ‬also sometime use the busses on those routes,‭ ‬or travel as a passenger or very occasionally drive in from Portobello.‭  ‬There is one car in our household.‭  ‬We regularly visit Oamaru using the car,‭ ‬and I also travel on busses to Christchurch or Invercar » Read more

Tumeke Cycle Space community DIY bike workshop

Hi, this is to promote a new and exciting project in Auckland. Since the new year a community run, DIY bike workshop has been happening EVERY Sunday and we welcome one and all to come ultilise the space.

Tumeke Cycle Space : promoting cycling and DIY culture in Tamaki Makaurau » Read more

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Which Wellington-region council candidates support sustainable transport options?

The Sustainable Wellington Region Transport group asked local body election candidates for their views on key transport projects in the region, such as the Basin Reserve flyover, light rail for Wellington, and the Kapiti Expressway. » Read more

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