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This does not compute

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The International Energy Agency has again warned that the high oil price could strangle hopes for a global economic recovery. It also says that 90% of future growth in oil production has to come from the Mid-East, mostly from Saudi Arabia. Without a $100 billion annual investment in that region, oil prices will exceed $150 a barrel. But Saudi Arabia has just announced it is halting its $100 billion oil expansion program? This does not compute. » Read more

(Un) economic Peak Oil what really matters

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Christchurch quake cost added to our yearly oil import bill?

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By 2015 New Zealand could face an extra $10 billion cost each year to import oil, compared to 2011 prices. That's more than the cost to government of the Christchurch earthquake each and every year! By 2020 the oil import cost each year could soar to $19 billion more than the present cost. That's the bill for two Christchurch earthquakes every year.

How come?

1. Domestic oil production is plummeting » Read more

Oil Shock Horror blog -- the story thus far

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9 months after a tentative start last September, and with 45 posts clocked up here at Oil Shock Horror Probe, I thought it was time to re-cap. What are the trends and themes that have emerged so far?

It's the economy stupid

Higher oil prices are already negatively impacting our economy » Read more

New Zealand Government's Oil Price Projections - A Bad Joke ?

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The Ministry of Economic Development's oil price estimates are a very bad joke. It is a joke on all of us however, as their grossly optimistic projections underpin government policy not just for energy but for the broader economy. » Read more

Government's Energy Strategy - Grade F for Fail

The government has mistakenly released its Draft Energy Strategy, which is still to be signed off by Cabinet. Despite hundreds of public submissions it remains almost word for word identical with the version published in July 2010. » Read more

Ideology Trumps Common Sense

It's said a picture is worth a thousand words. Take a look at these graphs and see if you can make any sense of the government's response to oil prices rising and it's transport policy. Damned if I can. (hat tip to Auckland Transport blog and frog blog)

Traffic volumes on State Highways have not increased since 2005. » Read more

As seen on TV - Breakfast Show

A great opportunity came chasing after me yesterday, when Paul from TVNZ tracked me down to invited someone from Transition Towns to go on the Breakfast Show on Wednesday morning to talk about the Transition Towns response to rising fuel prices. I hesitated briefly. Here was a chance to raise the bar on the conversation, above simply rising fuel and food prices (which are intimately interlinked).

So in case you can't (or didn't) see the 7:10am breakfast show here's what I am hoping to bring to the conversation.

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