Rally 4 Sanity

Kim spotted it this morning, and before the day was out the first videos were up on YouTube. John Stewart had this (and more) to say... » Read more

Ooooby Box, not just unveiled, but delivered

Yesterday was momentous. If you have been following Ooooby news, you'll know that a number of people have been beavering away on this one for the last three months. Well yesterday we delivered, and it was Fun! (3.5 min video)

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September round up of what's happening in Transition

It’s October already, so it’s time to share September’s Transition activities from across the world...

NZ features, along with most other countries in the world. Reading this gives one a sense of the scale and growth of the Transition Towns movement - this is just one months news!

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The world's largest movement

Growth in grass roots projects focused on improving social or environmental well-being, is some kind of phenomenon. Paul Hawken, in his video presentation at Bioneers in April 2007, referred to the hundreds-of-thousands of organizations that address social and environmental justice, as "the worlds largest movement."

In New Zealand I've been able to witness up close, the tremendous growth of Transition Towns, a decentralised relocalisation response to peak oil and climate change. From three early initiatives in 2007, Transition Towns is now represented in over 50 towns across the country. News from the Transition Towns movement is being communicated through TV, film, radio, the written word and word-of-mouth. It is one of the many truly grass-roots responses, to the changing times we live in.

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Awhi Farm

I took a camper van last week and went first to Opotiki visiting Kazel Cass, then down to Turangi to visit Bryan Innes and Jo Pearsal, conveners and organisers of all the past Eco Show events in NZ. Bryan and Jo took me out to Awhi Farm, the site of an old Ministry of Works depot on the highway in Turangi, where they are helping Lisa establish a permanent Eco Show and a NZ version of a Centre for Appropriate Technology.

I took a lot of video on my android mobile phone, then edited them before posting to YouTube.

The first one is about food, and the second one focuses on the buildings they are putting up.

Looking at the challenges, square in the eye

My heart sang last night, to see members of my community look at the challenges of the future, square in the eye, and then with energy and creativity name some creative, and do-able solutions. Here's a six minute video I put together summarizing the evenings activities.

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Life After Growth - Economics for Everyone

Life After Growth - Economics for Everyone from enmedia productions on Vimeo.

If you have trouble viewing this video, go to the Vimeo page here.


The economic crash of 2008 revealed not only the frailty and vulnerability of the economic system, it also showed the false basis that the growth economy is built on – the financial bubble grows bigger and crashes bigger, but we don't seem to be getting any happier. To the contrary, we suffer from greater job insecurity and environmental chaos threatens.

The prescription from the mainstream economists is more growth – but is this just taking more of what ails us?

Has growth become uneconomic?

Is there another way? » Read more

Unsustainable 2010 - What the government reports are saying


When you watch this in conjunction with Chris Hedges - "Empire of Illusion" then the veil begins to lift. The actions of global leaders, which Chris describes, make more sense if you know what information they are responding to.

See what world leaders are reading and reach your own conclusions.

I ( looked at literally dozens of reports for this short video... in the end I picked the most credible and those that summed up the prevailing thinking of the world's best experts. Unfortunately it was impossible to include every detail; this is just an introduction to the subject. For further reading the files which make up this video are below.

The Great Waiheke Plum Drive story with video and pics

By 9:45am the first pots were boiling on the stove and gas rings that had been setup in the community hall, water was boiling in the cauldren and the jars were being sterilised, and the fruit washers and cutters were already getting ahead of us.

Going beyond what we know - the familiar

I'm heading off to Prana Festival for a week, so you won't get any updates from me for a while. I'm going to offer some talks and a workshop on the Transition Towns model and what I have seen as it's unfolded in New Zealand over the last two years. I'll leave you with this video and a few thoughts of my own. » Read more

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