Local Food book from TT

Positive TV meetup with Rob Hopkins to discuss his new book about local food and shares his passion for growing more nut trees and why Garden sharing are one his favourite projects.

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Sustainable Cities & Farms

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Anyone interested in Turning Kiwi Waste to Wealth Biochar Biogas Biofertiliser etc check out this video


for Mother Earth

Population Growth

If you can view this in full screen mode it's impact will be all the greater. However, either way it is hard not to watch this and realise that the logic of comparing humanity to yeast in a petri dish, is not unreasonable.

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Video Collection

I have been gathering video content for the Manukau City Council sustainability team and came up with this still evolving list. If I have missed some that I should absolutely include, please let me know?



Whangarei Growers Market

Two part video describing the evolution of the Whangarei Growers Market. These two individuals, the driving force behind this thriving local food market.

If you are interested in local food distribution, as a tool for building local resilience into your community, this video in two parts is one not to miss. These are motivated kiwi blokes with a get up and go attitude and they have built a successful business on a simple model.

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The Big In Tent for sustainability

2 days of film and ideas to challenge and expand our worldview. There were several live video feeds bringing people in from all over the planet. We connected with people like Rob Hopkins of Transition Network in the UK, Andy Bichlbaum, half of the famous "Yes Men" duo, Mike Fincken, the skipper of the Rainbow Warrior - who were in the Thames River at the time, and others.

Some local personalities and some imports from Auckland made for a lineup of presentations that covered wide ranging topics, to compliment the diverse offering of (mostly) documentary film.

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The Edible Schoolyard Book

At a time when our Enviro Schools programe is being challenged by funding cuts, here is some inspiration to show what is possible. Do we need funding to do this, or can we self-organise and bring this sort of wisdom to our local schools, ourselves?

This video was created by Mario de La Vega to promote the Edible Schoolyard book, which chronicles the integration of academics with growing, cooking, and sharing wholesome, delicious food over the last 13 years. With inspiring images of the garden and kitchen—and their young caretakers—Edible Schoolyard is at once a visionary model for sustainable farming and childhood nutrition, and a call to action for schools across the country. Learn more >

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A 'new' currency

In an imploding global economy, we are being challenged to imagine different ways of being and 'new' structures and means of exchange, in order to meet our essential human needs within society. If you are struggling to imagine how things could be different, take a breath, sit back, relax and allow the messages in this video about a working gift economy, wash over you and give you a vision for what could be (thanks for the link Darren).

And if you prefer to hear about these ideas from a man in a suit, here's Chris Anderson, editor-in-chief of Wired magazine. » Read more

Kia ora 350 Aotearoa!

There was a fantastic turnout in Wellington last night for the first session of the government’s consultation meetings on greenhouse gas emissions, with close to 400 people gathering to express their views and concerns to Climate Change Minister Nick Smith.

The audience was diverse and broad reaching, encompassing a wide range of people of different ages and backgrounds, from business leaders to young mothers to leading representatives from Oxfam and Greenpeace, to high school students, farmers, youth leaders and activists. One by one the people lined up, and one by one their messages aligned - a unanimous call for a committed reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2020. The voices were varied but the message the same - that now is the time for New Zealand to act as an example to the rest of the world, to be bold and decisive, and to step up to the most serious and pressing issue of our times.

Several people from 350 took to the microphone to express their views, inviting the Minister to engage with us and take a bold stand at Copenhagen. One 350 member laid down the challenge through a rousing haka that was met with a storm of approval by the crowd. Another reminded the Minister that many of the audience were people who would not have voted for National in the last elections, but were still present at the consultation to offer their encouragement and support. Another called on the government to act on the science, but lead from the heart, to embody a spirit of leadership that reflects the impassioned hopes of a generation who will have to live on with the decisions our governments make.

To see some of our 350 Wellington crew in action at last night's meeting: click here!


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Video of Waiheke's protest against losing its recyclables

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