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PARIS: One of the most extraordinary endeavours in the history of environmental campaigning gets put to a worldwide test today. Home, a two-hour documentary lavishly filmed by one of the world's greatest nature photographers, is being released without charge around the globe, marking arguably the boldest single-handed attempt to boost green awareness. » Read more

One community draws a line in the sand

A Video message to Auckland Councillors

Transition Talks - Waiheke 2009

There was a gathering in March, where a number of people came from all over New Zealand to share ideas for how to support the growing Transition Towns movement here. This 13 minute film is taken from 90 minutes of talks given on the first evening we were together. People were invited from all over Waiheke, and heard a wide range of viewpoints about where we are, and where we could be going.

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Transition US on CBS

It's a short video clip (2.5 mins), but shows how much Transition is gaining ground...

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Michael Jackson - doomer from way back

This is pretty epic. Heh

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How people see doomers


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Video: financial crisis presentation

While Peak oil and climate change have been a concern of ours for some time, it is my opinion that the financial crisis that now upon us eclipses both of those.

I have put together a video presentation about the financial crisis, and after watching it I think you'll agree.

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A few nights ago, Pete and I sat down and reviewed the "Sowing and Growing" event that we had just held at the Waiheke cinema. We talked about the centralised food model versus the local food model and came up with this short video. In it we referred to a website called Ooooby, which you can find at and if you visit it you will find a social networking site whose purpose is to connect food growers in your local area,and facilitate the exchange of food, the sharing of knowledge and information, and the offering of an abundance of inspiration, particularly through the expanding library of video.

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Alcohol as a fuel + Hydrogen booster for petrol engine

This is a short 2 min video taken at yesterdays demonstration of how to distill, and then run an engine on, alcohol. The next one (below) shows Gian describing a simple hydrogen/oxygen splitter he uses in an older Suzuki 4X4, which runs on a combination of petrol, hydrogen and oxygen. » Read more

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