A celebration of one year of TT in New Zealand

This is the video which was show at the Saturday night feast at the Eco Show, and had people roaring with delight at what has been achieved by the Transition community in New Zealand in just one year! » Read more

The problem is the solution

A conversation recently with Richard, Bryan and Pete led to the idea that the water quality problem in the Waikato (and it's true elsewhere in NZ), could lead to a creative solution. It was reported that the water in the rivers and streams in the Waikato is so polluted that it is now "dangerous for even stock to drink". Setting aside for a moment the somewhat odd idea that stock (or animals other than humans) are somehow less valuable or can process poisons more effectively than us and were able to drink polluted water before but shouldn't anymore, what's happening here? » Read more

TT on TV3

Here is the recording of last night's Campbell live coverage of TT Raglan. Well done to all the folks who spoke so clearly and eloquently to the camera, to the interviewer who asked the right questions, to Blair who recorded it, and to me who uploaded it here :)

If you have trouble playing this, try this youtube link:

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Day 5 - Wellington

The wind was still howling on Wednesday morning and yet recycling contributions were being offered all over the neighbourhood, to be flung in all directions - what strange creatures of habit we are, trying to do the 'right thing' but being somewhat blind to the forces of nature. Daryl took the opportunity to re-fix the third blade of his washing machine generator, and see how it performed. » Read more

Organising without an organisation

I posted a Clay Shirky video on my blog a little while back. Then Rob Hopkins picked it up, posted it on his blog and it got a few comments. Through Rob's blog Neil L sent a link to a second video by Clay Shirky in which he described what is happening in the Transition Network, through this site and the social networking site. » Read more

Getting ready to go

I am getting ready to turn off the tap on my email for a couple of weeks - actually divert it to someone who can read it and filter out anything that needs urgent attention. On Saturday I'm heading off from Waiheke, and have hired a car to drive down to the Hawkes Bay. This will be the first stop on a week long visit to some of the towns dotted across the lower North Island. » Read more

Lewes Pound launches 9th September!

Starts with an interview with Rob Hopkins, then the local Mayor at the launch of the Lewes Pound. They filled the hall and made it clear - this is a new moment in our history together. Want some inspiration? Click play...

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Alcohol can be a gas! David Blume

Richard Lee put me onto this, and it looks like the author, Ethanol expert David Blume may be at the Eco Show in Taupo in October.

He hits the high points of why alcohol fuel is the smart, sustainable alternative energy solution, in this mind-opening 5-minute version of a longer interview.

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Want or need a boost, some encouragement, some reality?

This is part one of six, here are all six. It is a talk by Rob Hopkins, given this March at Findhorn in Scotland. If you read the tags at the top of this post it says all I want to say, and hope you choose to take the time to view, what must be one of the most important talks ever.

If you are unable to watch video, due to slow internet connection, here is a review of the talk. » Read more

The Fabulous Fruit Tree group

This fun 2 minute clip (a big thanks to shows the energy behind the Fabulous Fruit Tree initiative, which has the vision for Waiheke becoming the Fruit Bowl of the Hauraki Gulf, and has set a target of 20,000 fruit and nut trees planted on public and private land over the next 10 years.

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