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DATE: 18 March 2009, 4pm

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Waiheke Why Wait?

Waiheke Why Wait?

Sunday March 15th 10:00am to 4:00pm - Morra Hall

Economic turmoil, climate change and resource crunches are coming at us - all at once. Tempting though it may be to put our heads in the sand at our favourite beach, it's probably not wise to wait for councils, political parties, your local supermarket or the government to act in our best interest.

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Morra Hall

Sowing and Growing - Waiheke Cinema

Sowing and Growing
7:30pm Tuesday 16th December - Waiheke Community Cinema

New Zealand nurseries couldn't keep up with the demand from home gardeners this year and ran out of strawberry seedlings, horticulture supply companies are reporting record turnover, the sales of Kings seeds increased 60% from last year, the list goes on. These NZ trends are our version of what can be seen happening all across the industrialised world, as people become aware of the need to move from the globalised oil dependent food supply to localised, appropriately diverse means of meeting our food needs.

As a Waiheke community we are taking on the challenge of growing our own and many new people are coming on board and bringing their fresh energy to the task of building some serious resilience into our island food system.

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Waiheke Community Cinema

First steps towards greater energy independence

Tonight 50 people attended a screening at the Waiheke community cinema, of "Samso, an (un)common island"

The energy from those who came was for taking action to address our energy needs and building some independence. The film encouraged and inspired us and the message from some residents of Samso to residents of Waiheke (as delivered by Jakob Anderson from the Danish Trade commission), was well received.

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Waiheke CSA initiative

CSA Meeting – 20 November 2008

Present: Sue Connor, Meriel Watts, Jennifer Fountain, Debbi Lyttle, Marta Fisch, Brian Griffiths, Paul Gilligan, Ken Clarke, Pete and kath Russel, james Samuel » Read more

Samso Film and presentation - Waiheke

An Island takes charge of their own affairs

A film and presentation at The Waiheke Community Cinema - December 2nd, 7:00pm

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Waiheke Community Cinema

Hydrogen-assisted cars on Waiheke

Waiheke Gulf News - Thursday, 06 November 2008


Gian Badraun with his ‘hydrogen-booster’ installed in his Vitara.

The Big InTent - Waiheke - An awesome event - despite the weather!

The conversations which took place during and after the The Big InTent Festival were often focused around the impact and importance of this event, and the impulse to want to take it on the road and evolve it in each new place.

There was much said about the urgency of doing so now, at this time when many people are looking at the environmental, energy and financial crises, and are confused and wondering what the heck is happening. People are looking but many of them don't know what they are looking for, or where to find it. » Read more

Earth Building Workshop with Henery Mackeson

Exploring different methods of Earth Building using locally available materials - adobe in-situ, stabilised with cement to create steps and pavers, adobe brick making, cob - unstabilised to make raised garden beds, paperclay plaster for all manner of applications. Participants are encouraged to learn from hands on experience, to have fun playing with mud, shovelling, sculpting, decorating, allowing themselves to follow the curves of their imagination - no straight lines here!

Cost is $50 ($30 - low income) Phone Henery on 021 206 1253 for more info

Location / Venue: 
Ostend Community Garden, next to Catherine Mitchell Centre, 32 Putiki Rd, Waiheke Island
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