Waiheke Island

The Big Prep

Preparation for The Big InTent Festival is underway…

It was a grey day this morning, but the crew were colourful in every way. And the sense of anticipation for this event was evident.


A global multimedia event

In True Waiheke spirit the Big InTent crows “Yes!” to Sustainability and “No!” to gloom and doom.

David Blume on Waiheke - almost!

A monumental stuff up, were Bryan Innes' words. David was supposed to arrive today at Auckland airport, and Don was there at 5:30am to meet him.

No-one who looked at Davids ticket, including David himself, got his arrival date right. American Airlines don't put the arrival date beside the time of arrival. David was shocked to find he has 23 hours layover at LA Airport, something he described as being his worst vision of hell.

So our planned lunch and evening meetings with David went ahead anyway and I suspect they were more fruitful as a result of the conversations we were able to have. We may not have got down to the nitty gritty if we had been focused on David's presence and words - knowing we could put that off till later. » Read more

Some local events and actions on Waiheke

It's nice to be home after a week away traveling around the lower North Island visiting nine Transition Towns and speaking at as many events. With US going through major financial wobbles, people are starting to look at things differently, and the public meetings around the country, particularly on the subject of local food growing, are drawing bigger numbers than ever.

At each place I went I shared a short video presentation (actually a slide show with pics), of New Zealand's one year celebration of Transition, which has since made it onto Rob Hopkin's website. Rob is the UK founder of the Transition Towns concept. » Read more

The Big InTent - Waiheke

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Location / Venue: 
Blackpool Reserve, Waiheke

Fundraiser & Information evening for The Big InTent

The Big InTent is an upcoming two day "global multi-media event" oriented around the theme of sustainability.  The fundraiser & info evening will feature a screening of acclaimed BBC doco EARTH and organisers will update on the festival's progress as well as announcing headlining events. » Read more

Location / Venue: 
Waiheke Cinema

Raised Beds at Pensioner Village

It has been a trial and test of commitment to the people who put their energy into this one. The fact that we had about 10 consecutive wet weekends tested everyone's patience, but this weekend it was completed. I'll invite Claire to come and edit this and tell the full story, but here are the pictures she sent me today.

The new raised bed gardens

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Some Waiheke news and events

A "Place"
A small group of people have been actively pursuing a lease on a building and property which could serve as a hub for all the amazing projects and initiatives which the Waiheke community is putting commitment and energy into (some but not all of which are noted here). We imagine it being a focal point for education and sharing of information, celebration, films and presentations, food exchange, offices for Transition Waiheke and Transition Aotearoa, and more. Watch this space.

The Food Hui at the Marae » Read more

Community Supported Agriculture and Fruit Trees

After a couple of attempts a few years ago in which a handful of people engaged in some discussion, tonights meeting was attended by 24 energetic people, with untold skills, passion, commitment, and who either knew of or had access to resources to help establish a Community Suppoorted Agriculture (CSA) project on Waiheke.

So sorry I didnt take pictures of the group, so you'll have to imagine a big rectangle of tables 3 down each side and 2 across the ends, with every space taken, and half filling the modest Adult Education room of the High School. The evening was characterised by great energy, urgency, generosity, humour, respect and honesty. » Read more

The Fabulous Fruit Tree Initiative

With a ten-year vision of planting 20,000 fruit and nut trees on the island's public and private land, the Fabulous Fruit Tree Group is working, in conjunction with Auckland City Council, towards planting its first orchard reserve this winter – possibly behind the old Surfdale post office. Approximately 25 organic trees will be under-planted with heritage daffodils and narcissus; a bench will be placed for contemplation in the shade and a path weave through the young trees. » Read more

The Fabulous Fruit Tree groups planting afternoon

It was cold and sunny, when 20 people gathered to plant out the first serious public orchard on Waiheke this afternoon. Two months ago the mulch had gone down on this property, which is public land and the site of the old Surfdale Post Office. It was a total celebration and spirits were high, knowing that we had planted more than a few (35) fruit and nut trees together. We had sowed some more seeds of self responsibility. » Read more

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