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Growing food and rising prices

Check out this clip from Campbell Live, featuring the Island Bay Community Gardens - Common Ground - and Rowan!


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Wellington - Robert Newman's History of Oil

A light hearted look at a very serious subject. » Read more

Location / Venue: 
Newtown Community Hall, Daniell Street, Newtown, Wellington
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Island Bay community garden working bee

Every sunday the people who work on the community garden in Island Bay get together and ... garden. This sunday several people from the Wellington South TT group are going along. Come join us!


Location / Venue: 
out the back of the Sisters of Compassion http://www.smaps.co.nz/nz/wellington/island+bay/rhine+street/9/
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Fruit tree expedition

A wander around Island Bay, finding public land which could have fruit or nut trees grown on it. A map will be drawn up, to be submitted to the council in the future.


Location / Venue: 
Meet at the bus stop next to wakefield park
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Open Space experiment

Our meetings have been getting larger over time, so what we had been doing where everyone takes turns speaking to the whole group was starting to get slow, cumbersome and unfoccussed.

So at our last meeting we ran an experiment where we used the Open Space method. It goes something like this » Read more

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Wellington South public meeting

Interim agenda

Food group
- ideas
- make plans to do something » Read more

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Successful film screening

The film screening the other night went really well, I thought. Plenty of new people and some great discussion aftwards. The seeds of a new community garden continue to germinate. Excellent soup by Pamela!

Next meeting in a week or two, watch this space!

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Film screening - Power of Community - Wellington

An inspiring documentary on the effects of peak oil on the community of Cuba after the collapse of the Soviet Union, which subsidized a large part of Cuba's oil and energy imports.

Discussions after the screening of the films.

Where: St Francis de Sales hall
11 Mersey Street
Island Bay, Wellington











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Notes from meeting 23 July 08

Our largest meeting so far, some new people came :-)


Food/permaculture sub-group created! Zac and Rowan to steer it.

The creation of a new community garden is being looked into.

Next Film screening

Our next film screening will be of the 'Power of Community' documentary about Cuba. A positive one to balance the last two films.

Charlotte will arrange the venue in Island Bay.

Zac will do posters / leaflets

Press releases by Johanna

Projector finding - Rimu » Read more

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Media spokesperson needed!

Hi all

At the last wellington hub meeting, one of the things that was discussed was the nomination of someone to handle media enquires and publicity.

The idea was that a centralised media group or person for the entire region would be more able to respond to media enquires in the most effective manner. It would mean that every group wouldn't have the burden of training or finding a media-savvy person. » Read more

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